Everything you need to know about NBA Combine

NBA Combine Details 

The NBA Draft Combine is the first step most players must take to start the strenuous talent evaluation process teams go through. The process for NBA prospects starts with five-on-five games, shooting, strength and agility drills. This is usually done each year in the middle of May.

National Basketball Association coaches, general managers, scouts, and some third party evaluators take part in this event. Athletes attend by invitation only. Three are rare occasions where special uninvited players have to participate. I explain this later.

An athlete's performance during the combine can impact everything. In the past top players have chosen to bypass the combine. Get guidance in this area, from evaluators, league execs if possible and qualified intelligent people that have a track record of excellence.

In reality, competition is always good especially for those that are not top draft picks. If you are on the fringes this is your opportunity to rise. If you are considered a lock it may be wise to sit out unless you feel it could move you to the upper realms the lottery. The NBA Combine can impact draft stock, draft perspective, draft salary, and your future.

The NBA athletic tests include:

  •  vertical jump (no steps)
  • maximum vertical jump (with steps)
  •  bench press
  • three-quarter-court sprint time
  • lane agility time

Physical Combine measurements include:

  • height with shoes
  • height without shoes
  • wingspan
  • weight
  • standing reach
  • body fat
  • hand length,
  • hand width.

NBA Combine shooting tests include:

  • Spot-up
  • off the dribble
  • three-point field goals high school, college, and NBA distances

Why The NBA Draft Combine is Important

NBA Draft Combine is the largest pre-draft gathering for testing and drills.
It is best to practice and prepare throughout your basketball development to ensure you can meet the minimum standards of NBA talent evaluation.

Visit Souletics® and you can check your shooting, physical and athletic measurable against the competition. Our AI allows you to enter your height, weight, and physical measurables to compare against the historical NBA database that contains 25 years of NBA draft picks. You can get an analytical evaluation which is where all of the sports are going. We then can provide you with insights to help you reach your goals. Https://souletics.coach

The invitation list is determined by a vote of the member teams of the NBA.

What if you are not invited to NBA Combine?


The best thing you can do is to contact the league office. To see if you can get a special invitation.
In 2001 Ty Ellis out of a small school in Oklahoma failed to receive an invitation. He purchased his own ticket, showed up with a resume in hand and eventually earned his way onto a summer league roster spot with Los Angeles Lakers.

He spent the next 10 years playing professionally in the top leagues in Europe and even on a European national team. In 2017 he was named assistant coach for USA Basketball led by Jeff Van Gundy. Ty Ellis is a rare story and as you can see, someone that was deserved of that invitation. I would not recommend this route because the NBA has a process of evaluation. But again there are rare exceptions.


What Souletics do for you? 

We have analytics that we can provide you with to give you a clear understanding of where you measure up to the competition. Additionally, we can point you to the right people to get you where you want to go if you are willing to work. 

Our data will provide an honest assessment in addition to giving you a plan of action to meet your specific goals and assist you with performance development. We have direct contact with NBA staff that can give us information that will be invaluable to you.  We are not an agency, we are talent evaluators that want to make sure no athlete is left behind. 

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