How Does Meditation Reduce Stress

Meditation for Stress

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The positive power of meditation is a practice that can remove mountains in your life. Implementing mindfulness meditation will support improvements in overall quality of life. Several studies have shown a reduction in stress and anxiety.

You can do this by starting a 5-minute daily meditation practice in the morning or evening. Research continues to prove meditation with mindfulness which includes meditating with focused attention to the environment, people and things unseen by the natural eye can do wonders for your health.  If you are dealing with stress, feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, pain, bitterness or resentment; meditation can help you appreciate the moment and release yourself from the past. This can be done by focusing on the now, your body, breath, or anything to be grateful for. 

Mindfulness meditation provides a framework for people to live whole lives. We cannot control the external circumstances but we can be aware, discerning and able to thrive in the non-ideal situations. 

Meditating gives your mind time to relax, recover and renew. It is your minds time to heal... 

I firmly believe intentional meditation on specific personal goals can take a distracted mind and make it that of a guided missile. 

Just five minutes a day can improve one's life dramatically. It is better to meditate for a short time each day and stick with it, than meditating for a long period of time inconsistently. Do what you can do?

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How To Start Meditating

Create a comfortable place
Identify an area in your home that’s just for your meditation:

  • End of your bed
  • Your favorite chair
  • Your backyard near your garden
  • A prayer and meditation closet
  • In your car before leaving for work
  • It is also beneficial to enhance your practice with meditation relaxation music

Learn to be still throughout the day
Implement mindfulness into your daily life. Take a moment to take a deep breath. Take a walk during lunch. Take a moment to look into the sky. Take intentional pauses throughout your day.  If you do this, you should recognize slight changes in your stress levels.

Get Your Mind Right - Take Mindset and Health Assessment Quiz  

"Mine eyes prevent the night watches, that I might meditate in thy word."

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