How To Be Successful

How To Be Successful In Life

How to achieve success in life? Everyone wants success! We all desire to have joy, be healthy, have purpose and freedom. And since our economy revolves around money, we all need some form of currency to have freedom.


Success, on the other hand, does not need to involve money. You can be successful simply by making a positive impact on the world in some way. Success is more than money, status or your career;  it is your perspective and approach to life.


My name is Damon J. Smith and I am the founder of Souletics. I constantly ask myself difficult questions, like what is the meaning of life, how should we navigate the world we live in and how should I define success? What I have come to realize is that success is defined by it’s author... you. And you must not allow the influences, distractions and personal relationships deter you from establishing your definition of success. Once you allow those distractions in your world it’s game over.


I have had a life full of tremendous life success, and also some failures. Some of my successes include getting a collegiate scholarship, being on my college's all-academic team, playing two professional sports, working 15 years plus as a Senior Engineer in Silicon Valley, and becoming an entrepreneur. There are so many things I can list. But the failures woven in through those years brought an equal amount of wisdom. My unique life has given me a unique skill set to help, empower and develop others. Personal development requires serious strategy. It is not a game, and a simple certification is not enough.


I have listed below my 12 pillars for success.

If you are serious about making some changes in your life, I encourage you to give me a call so we can talk about what it will take you get you to the next level of whatever you want to achieve.


If you are lazy, unwilling to change or need a babysitter, I am not the one for you! I only work with those who are willing to invest the time and energy required to make change happen.


The keys to success are not a secret, but rather tried and true character traits. Always be willing to challenge yourself.

The 12 Pillars of Success


Ignore the critics and naysayers

Be willing to push through the pain

Strive for excellence

Have unshakable faith

Work ethic

Determine what you want and where you desire to go

Make a schedule with a deadline

Create a plan and strategy

Take decisive action

Take consistent action every day


"Be willing to do the task necessary to have the quality of life you desire. Additionally you must have the mental fortitude and character to withstand life's unexpectedness and setbacks. Lastly you must develop the skill to continue on when life tells you no"


I invite you to join the Souletics Mindset Coaching Program!

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