How to Overcome Bitterness

Bitter Person

Bitterness is a result of desiring change, wanting change, seeing change around you, but never experiencing the change or breakthrough you desire.

Bitterness is a result of wanting something so much, having hope, even having faith at one time, but never seeing the reality of that faith come to pass.

Definition of Bitterness

The dictionary defines as bitter as having or being a taste that is sharp or unpleasant.

It says that to be bitter: is a painful or stinging sensation, harsh. It goes further and says it’s distasteful or difficult to accept, admit, or bear.  It further states that bitterness results from or expressive of severe grief, anguish or disappoint.

William Shakespeare said, “Bitterness to me is death.”

Bitterness is a result of inactivity or non-movement.  Bitterness is a result of not seeing change.

What Causes Bitterness

So often we experience unfairness, opposition, conflict, bias, judgment, disagreement and violence. And too often while we experience these things we still choose to stay in these environments. Maybe the job hasn’t worked, but you stay because you have a level of comfort. You know the pay, you know the boss is psycho, but you learned how to deal with him or her. You know the salary. You have a level of comfort.

But while you have a level of comfort, you know the bathroom is 22 steps away; to the cafeteria are 40 steps to the east and 80 steps south.  You still never experience the change or life you desire. And over time you become bitter.

But the failure occurred when you stayed in a place, relationship, city or friendship that did not provide what you needed. Bitterness is a result of thinking that provision can only come from one situation, one job, one relationship, one city. Bitterness is a result of a lack of movement.

People become bitter when they feel stagnant when they feel as though things are not progressing, they are not getting better, they are not contributing. You typically don't find successful business people bitter because too often they are moving, shaking things up, running and creating what they want. These people are living or attempting to create the life they want.

So to remove bitterness immediately requires one simple action, and that is to take action right now at this moment.

Start school, start researching how to start that business, take a different perspective towards the relationships you have, put your resume out there. Have a little faith in you! Believe that you can have what you want - it just requires you making a few tweaks here and small changes over time!

Get Your Mind Right - Take the Mindset and Health Assessment Quiz 

Get Your Mind Right - Take Mindset and Health Assessment Quiz 

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Never succumb to the temptation of bitterness.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

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