How to Stop Procrastinating - An Athletes Enemy

KEY TO DEFEATING PROCRASTINATION: Information is not enough!

Defeat Procrastination

Stop waiting to do the work. Get to the gym, start eating the right foods, eliminate negative people. Lastly, eliminate social media if it is causing you to become a fan instead of a person of action. 

What is Your Why? There are five types of people, those who encourage, those who wait, those who observe, those who criticize and those that take action. Those that wait and criticize usually become envious, those that observe usually write about those that take action; those who encourage usually get to ride the wave with those that do. 

And those that take the leap reap all the rewards of having faith in themselves and taking a chance despite the challenges, criticism, and obstacles. We all know alcohol in high doses slowly kills the body internally, we know cigarettes will kill you and sugar-glazed donuts can’t be healthy every morning.

We know that sitting in front of a computer all day without regular exercise will result in weight gain and a reduced quality of life. But despite knowing these things, many of us will continue to indulge in these vices on a regular basis. Yet and still, most people do desire better health but need a little extra push to get beyond the years of bad habits. 

Before people will make the changes necessary to defeat those habits they must first define their WHY? Once you create the why, and if the why is strong enough, you will ultimately change how you think about your actions. Becoming conscious about your health is a start, and consciousness will bring you to the information needed to take action. 

But in order to make a lasting change, you must first answer why must I make this change, is it worth it, is my career worth it, is my family worth it, is my lasting legacy worth it? Why? For some, the answer is simple and obvious due to a need to lose weight or address an immediate and pressing health issue. 

But for others, it may be a personal, intimate question that requires some deep thought. Why must I choose a healthier lifestyle? This why results in questions that will be answered.

  • Will I have a more productive workforce
  • What’s the benefit to me
  • Will it help my career
  • Will it allow me to enjoy all that life has to offer
  • Will it benefit my family
  • Will it benefit my legacy
  • Will I live life running the race or watching the race from the couch?

PROCRASTINATION.  I've personally witnessed two co-workers die within a 6-month span. They died from preventable diseases caused by poor diet and sedentary lifestyles.  Perhaps if they would have taken action just a few months earlier they would still be alive today. 

Your health is too important to put on the back burner. My father I always told me if you have your health you have everything. When healthy in mind, body, and soul, you have the ability to change your existence with strategy, will, and energy.

What would you do if the failure was not possible? If you were guaranteed to win simply by taking action?  The good news is that optimal health is a result of you simply taking action today! Life gets better from here.


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