How to Increase Brain Power

Boost Brain Power

A brainpower program is about teaching your brain to be alert, adaptable and focused on the positive. This is why Souletics® Mind, Body and Soul Peak Performance program addresses the mind so often. Athletes understand the power of the mind but many times are not able to harness all of its power because their focus is on the physical.

Quite often people can have the ability, skill, resources, mentors and the right opportunity, but due to other factors, they have a limited mindset.  An improper mindset alters the decision-making process, their perspective, and life strategy. This problem often plagues those stuck in the cycle of poverty, but a dysfunctional mindset can be found in all walks of life. 


Brain Training

Brain training is a great strategy for a productive life! If everyone made perfect decisions no one would be unique. However, decisions that alter your life and affect generations of people are difficult to afford. Making the right decision can be hard, and there are several reasons for making the wrong ones.

Typically decisions are made out of emotion, which is simply a reaction to the environment, whether real or perceived. Brain training is about learning to make good decisions. We are relational people in a world where relationships, emotions, and feelings can cause us problems. 

A great brain fitness program teaches us to be aware, adaptable, steadfast, hopeful and innovative. So the question is how to train your brain? You do this by giving it the resources to create new cell growth, protecting it from trauma, giving it proper rest and consistent positive inputs.  These are basic components necessary in a great brain fitness program.

Help Your Brain: 1 way to being a genius

Keep Your Blood Sugar in Check: Even if you aren’t diabetic, large fluctuations in insulin levels in the body can dull your brain’s response times and inhibit peak performance.

Promote a Healthy Brain: 4 Brain-Boosting Actions

Fight Inflammation: Research has suggested inflammation in the body is consistently linked to lower intelligence levels. The best inflammation fighters are foods with omega3 fats and antioxidants

Give Up Smoking: Researchers at the University of Michigan tested those who smoked regularly and some who didn’t.  They concluded that the smokers scored lower on tests across the board.

Drink Water: Working up a sweat for just 90 minutes can dehydrate your body enough to cause your brain to literally shrink away from the sides of your skull—the equivalent of a year and a half’s worth of aging and abuse. That’s the warning from a 2009 U.K. study in which teens worked out in varying levels of sweat-inducing clothing. 

When they were then asked to play video games following the workout, brain scans showed their brains had to work much harder, and actions that would have been completed fairly easily took significantly more brain work to complete.

Believe you were divinely and uniquely created: Believing in yourself isn’t only good for you it is good for your brain. The brain tends to believe what you tell it. 


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