Magic of Ohio State Football Recruiting

The Magic of Ohio State recruiting

The biggest game of the season is every Saturday for Ohio State. A team that plays on the biggest stage and usually for a spot in the coveted NCAA College Football Playoff.

On Wednesday it was announced that Ohio State is one of the countries most watched and televised teams. This exposure is what matters in recruiting but is not necessarily what makes them such a powerhouse. Exposure followed by losses does not mean much. The reality is Ohio State is always able to win given the huge amount of exposure.

New head coach Ryan Day is undefeated and on his way to a BCS playoff semifinal game if everything goes right against Michigan. He was able to slide in seamlessly due to the recruiting and talent of the Ohio State Buckeye roset. 

Ohio State Football NFL Success

Additionally, they send players to the next level at a rate that is equal to some conferences. Currently “The Ohio State Buckeyes” have 52 players on NFL rosters.  Buckeyes – 52 in all – who are in the league this season either on active rosters (44), on practice teams (three) or on an injured or physically unable to perform list (five).

This is second only to Alabama.

Ohio State Recruits

There is something to be said for programs that know how to recruit players from diverse backgrounds, develop those players and allow them to springboard to the next level be it professional athletics or a new career path.

Often Ohio State is featured on FOX and when they have not been featured on Fox, Ohio State appears on some other nationally syndicated channel.

The day obviously wants great game-day atmospheres, because everyone does. In 2017, Ohio State’s biggest home games came against Michigan and infamous Penn State. Ohio Stadium is full of Red Buckeyes going crazy and making the environment more challenging than some professional stadiums.

Ohio State Fans

As a player, I rarely paid attention to fans but the worst fans I ever face had to be BYU. The best fans being Nebraska. I would assume Ohio State is on another level. Ohio State has some of the most loyal fans in all of the sporting world. 

It’s the team competing against the Buckeyes that turns the buckeyes into a recruiting magnet. Imagine105,000-plus fans from Ohio State and high school recruits who were in attendance as recruits get to see this. The recruits were in Columbus for huge games like that can be a problematic intuit coaches cannot give recruits attention. But if this is communicated well those recruits will enjoy and gravitate to such a school that has a history of success on and off the field. In 2011 OSU had a graduation rate of 86%.

I am not affiliated with nor am I getting paid to write about Ohio State but the reality is if you desire to play collegiate football, and additionally have NFL aspirations Ohio State University has a track record of getting you exposure and to the next level.

Relationships are what matters in recruiting, exposure is what matters to many athletes and comfort in addition to support is what matters to parents. Parents want to know that their children will be supported beyond the playing field. Playing for a program that regularly competes for a conference championship and national titles is big but academic, personal and overall wellness support is equally if not more important in my eyes.

Ohio State is covering all bases. This is not to say some athletes don’t have issues. But given an athlete does everything on there in the school will do there part.

This year Ohio State has Justin Fields who has a chance of leading the Buckeyes to the national championship and winning the Heisman Trophy. Every year they continue to place their program atop the standings while additionally highlighting their players. Justin Fields would be the second negro quarterback from Ohio State to win the Heisman Trophy if he is able to do so. 

If you want to know more about how they do what they do click here.

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Here is a list of award winners fro the Ohio State Program

Ohio State University Football Heisman Trophy winners.

Ohio State players have won the Heisman Trophy seven times, which ties Notre Dame (7) for the most awards for any school. Archie Griffin is the only two-time recipient in the history of the award.

  • Les Horvath QB / RB
  • Vic Janowicz - RB
  • Howard "Hopalong" Cassady - RB
  • Archie Griffin - RB (Twice)
  • Archie Griffin
  • Eddie George - RB
  • Troy Smith - QB

 Ohio State players have won the Lombardi Award six times:

  • 1970: Jim Stillwagon
  • 1973: John Hicks
  • 1987: Chris Spielman
  • 1995: Orlando Pace
  • 1996: Orlando Pace
  • 2005: A. J. Hawk

Four Ohio State players have won the Maxwell Award:

  • 1955: Howard Cassady
  • 1961: Bob Ferguson
  • 1975: Archie Griffin
  • 1995: Eddie George

Four Ohio State players have won the Outland Trophy:

  • 1956: Jim Parker
  • 1970: Jim Stillwagon
  • 1973: John Hicks
  • 1996: Orlando Pace

Ohio State players have won the Walter Camp Award four times:

  • 1974: Archie Griffin
  • 1975: Archie Griffin
  • 1995: Eddie George
  • 2006: Troy Smith

Two Ohio State players have won the Dick Butkus Award twice:

  • 1997: Andy Katzenmoyer
  • 2007: James Laurinaitis

Ohio State players have won the Jim Thorpe Award twice:

  • 1998: Antoine Winfield
  • 2008: Malcolm Jenkins

Ohio State players have won the Dave Rimington Trophy three times:

  • 2001: LeCharles Bentley
  • 2016: Pat Elflein
  • 2017: Billy Price

2019 Ohio State Football Buckey Roster Depth Chart

2019 Ohio State Football Recruiting Depth Chart

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