Meditation For Sport

Meditation For Sports and Athletes

Athletic competition is taxing, sometimes painful, physically demanding, and the mental portion is even more difficult. I still compete so I can always relate to the athletes I am coaching. A mind that is not focused, clear from distractions, in control and sharp is a mind that makes mistakes, lets the errors create other mistakes and loses confidence.

The result is a lousy performance, which could cost you a scholarship, or a big contract. High levels of stress release cortisone which causes physical issues like fatigue, decreases your ability to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. For years sports psychologists have stated that mindset is as big of a factor as peak physical fitness. Now we know this is true.

During my collegiate and professional athletic career, I used meditation without knowing what I was doing. It helped me reduce anxiety, stress, maintain confidence, and limit the other external obstacles that come with high-level athletics. Souletics® meditation for athletes and sports programs is focused on positive visualization, building self-confidence and meditation mindfulness, which is thinking about a specific topic. This is very different than new meditation, or other forms of meditation like transcendental meditation, which is about emptying the mind. When you empty the mind you are vulnerable to suggestions from external influences and other untrusted entities.

Souletics® focuses on reflection for a sport, which is meditating on the specific outcome of a game, strategy and other nuances.

Why should you consider practicing meditation for athletic performance?

1. Mediation can support stress reduction, which directly results in better physical body function. The science is less cortisol in the system, which negatively impacts performance on many levels.

2. Meditation can prepare you for the competition. You can walk your mind through the process of competition and possible obstacles and challenges you may face.

3. Meditation can increase focus and mental clarity. By taking time to meditate you remove other external factors that can distract you from the task at hand.



Play pro: Finding the right people to surround yourself with can be challenging when you are an elite athlete. It takes the right combination of experience, understanding the nuances of competition, practical application and how the brain responds to this stimuli.   As the founder of Souletics®, I can say this is what I know. It is what I have used throughout my life and what separates me from the pack.
I am not someone that has just read about it; I am someone who has studied the psychology of sports and put it to use in all areas of my life. And I have helped others do the same. We have over forty years of high-level competition experience and twenty years of mindset coaching for athletes. 
My areas of focus include but are not limited to sports psychology, building confidence, improving focus, developing unwavering commitment, how to find your confidence, positive self dialogue, visualization, how do you handle pressure, strategy development, energy management, injury rehabilitation, dealing with depression in athletes, anger management and choosing a complementary partner for such a career choice as elite athletics. 


I am the author of the sports peak performance book for athletes, "Don't Stop The Swagger," which I wrote 15 years ago. The mindset book is subtitled, "Preparing the Mind, Body, and Soul For Peak Performance". This was before "mind, body, soul" became a popular tag line, or "swagger" was a buzz word.

My next level of training is an online course that I walk users through, titled "The 7 Pillars Mental Dominion."

I have outlined the top 4 pillars below in the next section.  How to achieve mental strength and maintain elite high-level performance is what I know, what I live and what I love to do. It is my gift and I would like to share it with you. 

If you are a beginning practitioner or have an advanced meditation practice, we can help. We provide customized meditation for athlete video programs unique to each athlete.  

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