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Mental toughness in people is one of the main things that separates success from failure. Mental toughness also is known as "long-suffering," it is a character trait that produces great achievement, increases income and changes the world.

Mental toughness and perseverance aren't just about making it today, and it's not an excuse to be complacent in a bad situation. It's about you becoming resolute in the pursuit of something you want to achieve. It's about maintaining a focus, not being discouraged by the obstacles or trying to take the easy route. Mental toughness is listening to something deeper in yourself that says, "keep going."

Mental toughness is one of the keys to maintaining mental health -

Mental toughness is maintaining the right PERSPECTIVE!

A optimistic perspective but also realistic about the challenges and obstacles you face; in addition to the right strategy to propel you towards your goals.

Mental toughness requires you to learn how to ignore the critics and pushing through the struggle. Mental Strength is a secret to attaining success in life. If you want to know how to achieve goals, mental toughness training is one of the keys. Here at Souletics®, we focus on helping develop a mind that is strong, flexible, problem-solving and unbreakable. If you're going to make something in life, you're going to have to pay for it through hard work, mental strength, and dedication.

Don't get distracted by the shiny facade of reality TV and pop culture. Real accomplishments don't come easy. They take daily action, mental fortitude, and they require endurance to run the race long enough to see the rewards of your hard work.

“It always seems impossible until it's done.” ― Nelson Mandela


If you're trying to accomplish something rare or uncommon, you will need mental toughness, a proper strategy, and the right team and mindset coach. We are here to support you in achieving the uncommon dream!

Fixed vs Growth mindset

A fixed mindset is one that is stagnant. A mindset that is focused on the challenges, obstacles and current situation. It additionally continues to replay those negative situations, over and over in the mind. Which creates neuropathways that become difficult but not impossible to overcome. 

A growth mindset is one that accepts reality; you accept that the situation is challenging or difficult. But you have a different perspective in that you see it as a chance to grow, to gain a new skill and advance yourself personally which will most likely produce a positive external result. If you choose to adopt a growth mindset you will take positive actions that create positive results. 

Mental Toughness, Confidence & Strategy: the ultimate guide to winning in life

Confidence & Strategy: Is it enough?

Optimism is the hope that leads to greater accomplishment. It is difficult to achieve great things without faith, hope, and confidence.

Quite often people talk about confidence, or swagger, as some call it. Confidence can be defined as a belief in one's self or a chosen entity. But self-confidence does not necessarily imply "self-belief" or a belief in one's ability to succeed.

It may be at a particular sport, activity, demeanor,  or perception that others have of them. While it is a necessary component for achievement, by itself it is not enough. Recently I was watching an episode of Ninja Warrior.

One of the contestants had incredible athleticism, strength, and speed. She looked like the clear favorite. She lined up, took two steps and immediately fell in the water. I said to myself, it was actually her belief, or shall I say too much of it, that caused the contestant to fail at the first obstacle and the easiest challenge.

Confidence is what says you can do it. It is the engine that attempts the endeavor. But it is not confidence that completes the task. The right strategy is what allows you to win.

Pop culture speaks a lot about confidence and swagger, but rarely does it dive into the process, strategy, and obstacles in the way of success. I have found in my life that when I was struggling at an activity, rarely was it my confidence that got me through. Often success was found in developing the right strategy.

"You've got to eat while you dream. You've got to deliver on short-range commitments, while you develop a long-range strategy and vision and implement it. The success of doing both. Walking and chewing gum, if you will.

"Getting it done in the short-range, and delivering a long-range plan, and executing on that." ~ Jack Welch

If you're starting a new business, make more money, advance your career, or wanting to reach athletic goals, etc...Most likely it will take the belief to take action and the right strategy to have the success you're looking for.

Mental Toughness, Belief, and Positive Thinking


Written by Claude M. Bristol and originally released in 1948, The Magic of Believing is a prosperity classic.  Bearing some similarities with Think And Grow Rich, though not nearly as widely read, The Magic of Believing goes deeper into the mysterious and untold powers the human brain possesses.

Along the way, Bristol acknowledges that the “science” he presents may sound too far out there for many readers.  And indeed, there are times when the ideas presented appear to be heading in a “new age” direction.

But he always manages to pull us back into the simple reality that belief, when coupled with reaffirming action, always bears positive fruit.

To all the non-believers out there, this book may seem far fetched.  Being a faith-driven person, it wasn’t a stretch for me to accept the premise that the simple act of believing can yield miraculous results.  But we often don’t evaluate our thoughts enough to know with any degree of certainty that we are believing at the proper caliber to attain the results we desire.

Undoubtedly, the concept of self-belief has proven time and again to catapult ordinary people into extraordinary feats, and it has been the subject of a great many self-help and motivational books.  But this book sets itself apart in offering practical methods for turning belief into action.

Too often I’ve thought I was believing by simply directing my conscious thoughts in the direction I wanted them to go.  Yet I was thoroughly unaware that my subconscious mind was working against me, undoing much of the positive effort I was trying so hard to put forth.

I didn’t realize that the “fowls of the air” (Mark 4:4, KJV) many times were actually figments of my own negative programming coming to devour the seeds I was trying to plant.  The Mirror Technique – one of the chapters of this book – taught me a valuable strategy in reprogramming my subconscious so that it would work with my conscious mind to create a new environment in which the positive thoughts would reign supreme and overpower any negative suggestion that might dare enter in.

Since I find myself lately having less and less time to sit down and read a book, I listened to the audio version of this book a few times over in my car, or while cooking and cleaning, and I highly recommend it as an audiobook.  It’s engaging and thought-provoking, but not too heavy – the perfect type of information to soak in through the ears.



When you learn how to get over your mental blocks, you will quickly realize how your mindset has everything to do with what you have experienced in life. This is not to say we may not experience horrible situations that are out of control, but that our control lies with how we respond to our situations.

But with that being said, when you remove the mental blocks you will quickly see how you have gotten in the way of your own success. Removing the mental blocks in your mind will directly improve your mental toughness, which is your ability to deal with the non-ideal situation.

Eliminating your mental blocks will boost focus and heighten clarity. When this happens you improve your ability to make decisions. We call this mental discernment!

You are now able to deal with non-ideal situations, identify where you should focus your mental, physical and spiritual energy, and identify possible challenges and outcomes before they happen. This is what removing mental blocks can do for you! 

When you have mental toughness, mental focus, mental clarity, and mental discernment, you have now removed all the internal and external influences that break focus, cloud your vision and zap your mental energy.  Removing the mental blocks allows you to separate yourself from the pack.  You will be on your way to the next level, while others are still stuck in the mud, distracted by their own thoughts and external influences that hold the majority of the population down. This is not a slight, but a reality. The world is getting more toxic, with more noise and information to distract and contaminate the mind. This is why mindset fitness programs are critical to keeping the mind sharp.


Mental Toughness is Essential

For an athlete, I can't say it enough "Mindset is Everything." As Souletics® the mindset coach, we consider meditation for athletes and a healthy mindset to be the keys to peak performance. Our focus is on providing mental strategies for life, resulting in peak performance in all areas of your life. Today we’re talking about mindset coaching, which is how to train your brain to become sharper for athletic performance, and maintaining that sharpness as you age.


Get Your Mind Right: Many once believed that brain function peaks during early adulthood and then slowly declines, leading to memory issues and brain fog in what should be considered wisdom years. As a mindset coach, I can say that external factors certainly contribute to this health decline and brain fatigue. However, with the right strategies, techniques, and coaching you can prolong and even promote higher levels of focus and creativity as you age.

Our modern, technology-driven, fast living, processed food buying habits are playing a significant role in cognitive decline like memory loss. Please think about the impact that external factors like diet and other bad habits have on athletic performance. These factors make it critical to limit exposure to toxins, stop eating processed foods and forcing ourselves to function on limited sleep. Much like a swimmer, sprinter or quarterback needs a coach, your mindset should be treated in the same way by giving yourself access to a mental toughness coach.

A healthy lifestyle will result in a healthier brain and possibly encourage neurogenesis, which is new brain cell growth. This results in mental clarity, improved focus and increased cognitive action, which results in improved performance, longevity and more wins.

An additional factor is living a life of purpose; mindfulness will assist in keeping the mind inspired.

Best Mindset Books


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