Mindset is Everything: Mindset Coaching

Where is Your Mind?

For an athlete, I can't say it enough "Mindset is Everything." As Souletics® the mindset coach, we consider meditation for athletes and a healthy mindset to be the keys to peak performance. Our focus is on providing mental strategies for life, resulting in peak performance in all areas of your life. Today we’re talking about mindset coaching, which is how to train your brain to become sharper for athletic performance, and maintaining that sharpness as you age.


Mindset and Brain Function

Many once believed that brain function peaks during early adulthood and then slowly declines, leading to memory issues and brain fog in what should be considered wisdom years. As a mindset coach, I can say that external factors certainly contribute to this health decline and brain fatigue. However, with the right strategies, techniques, and coaching you can prolong and even promote higher levels of focus and creativity as you age.

Technology, Mindset, and Cognitive Decline

Our modern, technology-driven, fast living, processed food buying habits are playing a significant role in cognitive decline like memory loss. Please think about the impact that external factors like diet and other bad habits have on athletic performance. These factors make it critical to limit exposure to toxins, stop eating processed foods and forcing ourselves to function on limited sleep. Much like a swimmer, sprinter or quarterback needs a coach, your mindset should be treated in the same way by giving yourself access to a mental coach.

A healthy lifestyle will result in a healthier brain and possibly encourage neurogenesis, which is new brain cell growth. This results in mental clarity, improved focus and increased cognitive action, which results in improved performance, longevity and more wins.

An additional factor is living a life of purpose; mindfulness will assist in keeping the mind inspired.

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