The Power of Positive Thinking


Written by Claude M. Bristol and originally released in 1948, The Magic of Believing is a prosperity classic.  Bearing some similarities with Think And Grow Rich, though not nearly as widely read, The Magic of Believing goes deeper into the mysterious and untold powers the human brain possesses. 

Get Your Mind Right 

Along the way, Bristol acknowledges that the “science” he presents may sound too far out there for many readers.  And indeed, there are times when the ideas presented appear to be heading in a “new age” direction. 

But he always manages to pull us back into the simple reality that belief, when coupled with reaffirming action, always bears positive fruit.


A Positive Mindset is An Athletes Best Friend

To all the non-believers out there, this book may seem far fetched.  Being a faith-driven person, it wasn’t a stretch for me to accept the premise that the simple act of believing can yield miraculous results.  But we often don’t evaluate our thoughts enough to know with any degree of certainty that we are believing at the proper caliber to attain the results we desire.

Undoubtedly, the concept of self-belief has proven time and again to catapult ordinary people into extraordinary feats, and it has been the subject of a great many self-help and motivational books.  But this book sets itself apart in offering practical methods for turning belief into action. 

Too often I’ve thought I was believing by simply directing my conscious thoughts in the direction I wanted them to go.  Yet I was thoroughly unaware that my subconscious mind was working against me, undoing much of the positive effort I was trying so hard to put forth. 

I didn’t realize that the “fowls of the air” (Mark 4:4, KJV) many times were actually figments of my own negative programming coming to devour the seeds I was trying to plant.  The Mirror Technique – one of the chapters of this book – taught me a valuable strategy in reprogramming my subconscious so that it would work with my conscious mind to create a new environment in which the positive thoughts would reign supreme and overpower any negative suggestion that might dare enter in.

Since I find myself lately having less and less time to sit down and read a book, I listened to the audio version of this book a few times over in my car, or while cooking and cleaning, and I highly recommend it as an audiobook.  It’s engaging and thought-provoking, but not too heavy – the perfect type of information to soak in through the ears.

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