Multivitamin For Men
Multivitamin For Men
Multivitamin For Men
Multivitamin For Men
Multivitamin For Men

Multivitamin For Men

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Mens Multivitamin - Natural Supplements  

One of the best men's multivitamins and natural energy booster supplements on the market. Super Male Optimizer is the best multi vitamins that boost immune system and improve heart health. Contains the highest quality absorbable Zinc for improved immune system. 

NATURAL ENERGY BOOSTER + MULTIVITAMIN ingredients to support mens health and sports nutrition. Contains the most potent, biologically active micro nutrients on the market today. The natural ingredients we include are Ashwagandha, Eurycoma Longifolia ( Tongkat Ali or pasak bumi ), Phosphatidylserine, L-Arginine, Horny Goat Weed and Choline Bitartrate

HEART HEALTH - Our multivitamin contains Vitamin D and Magnesium which is the ultimate "anti-stress" nutrient. It is said to calm things down, functioning as a"relaxer." It relaxes (dilates) the arteries, which lowers blood pressure and makes it a lot easier for the heart to pump blood. It supports better quality sleep, which in turn lowers stress. Magnesium helps to lower blood sugar, a major concern of diabetes and metabolic syndrome, both of which wildly increase the risk of heart disease.

According to research, almost no one gets enough magnesium. So supplementation is even more critical!  

Vitamin D is known as the "sunshine vitamin" because your body produces it from sunlight. Several studies have reported vitamin D helps treat diabetes and cancer, build strong bones and prevent heart disease. 

MICRO NUTRIENT BLEND - Estimated 75% of Americans suffer from nutrient deficiencies. Includes Choline, B3, B5, B6, B12, D3, magnesium, zinc, boron. B vitamin deficiency can result in low energy levels. Low vitamin D3 can contribute to male performance issues! Studies show Magnesium supplementation with exercise results in numerous health benefits. Zinc and Boron are very powerful and have many positive health benefits.

 BODYBUILDING SUPPLEMENT AND SPORTS NUTRITION - If you want to build muscle mass and experience the gains you desire you must make the lifestyle changes as well as get the micro nutrients and herbal supplements to fuel you. Building your body is easy when you have proper supplementation. This is one of the highest quality products on the market, one of the best for men and a must-have supplement for men over 30

ANTI AGING, ENDURANCE AND ENERGY - Due to environmental toxins, many are experiencing accelerated aging, fatigue, reduced muscle mass and mild depression. The good news is with lifestyle changes and proper supplementation you can have optimal health. From our reviews we have found that women have benefited from taking SUPER MALE OPTIMIZER.

Our blend of micronutrients & powerful herbs gives you the foundation you need. If your body is deficient in key nutrients, it will simply not respond efficiently to any other efforts to improve performance or optimize health. 

If you cannot absorb the vitamins contained in the bottle, you’re flushing your money down the toilet. Our formula contains highly absorbable minerals, and herbs. 

We’ve paid attention to what you need to achieve optimal health. Our multivitamin + energy + stress support supplement is built to the highest standards, non-GMO, & every batch is 3rd party tested to guarantee quality. 

Ashwagandha - Dr. Mercola’s list of top “adaptogen” herbs 

Choline Bitartrate - Supports optimal health

Eurycoma Longifolia 20:1 (Tongkat Ali) - Popular herbs known for men’s health and sports nutrition. 

Phosphatidylserine 20% is a naturally occurring amino acid. 

L-Arginine Base - Amino acid is the precursor to nitric oxide 

Horny Goat Weed - Used for 1000 of years as a powerful chinese herb 

Vitamin D3 - (heart health, immune system, stress) 

Vitamin B3 - (brain health, skin function) 

Vitamin B12 - (energy, fatigue) 

Vitamin B6 - (metabolism, liver function, skin, vision) 

Vitamin B5 - (stress, anxiety, heart health, fatigue) 

Magnesium - (energy, digestion, heart health) 

Zinc - (immune system)

Boron - (powerful mineral)