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Don't Stop The Swagger 

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Run the Race with Endurance

Written in 2004

Damon has captured the athletic drive that once propelled him to professional sports and transferred it to other areas of his life. Now he wants to teach other young athletes how they, too, can tap into their full potential.

Born and raised in the California Bay Area town of Vallejo, Damon spent a majority of his youth competing in various sports, including soccer, track, basketball, football, baseball, and his favorite, BMX and motorcycle racing. By high school, Damon was focused on studying and earning an athletic scholarship to pursue his goal of playing professional football. After completing four years at Utah State with a Bachelor's Degree in Management Information Science, he earned the opportunity to play professional football.

During the ninth game of his first professional season, Damon sustained a career ending injury. His athletic aspirations were quickly cut short. Like many young athletes severed from their pro-ball aspirations, the injury damaged more than just his body and he was forced to reconfigure his goals outside of the dream to which he'd dedicated years of hard work.

Damon soon found that his transition out of athletics and into the business world demanded factors beyond education. He quickly had to change his mindset from the three-time all-league player he'd been in college to becoming a corporate player in the technology world.

Now a Senior Engineer at a large corporation, Damon views his brief venture in professional sports as a valuable learning experience. He has witnessed countless young athletes waste years awkwardly transitioning from their pro-ball lifestyles back into reality; and he has studied those who have excelled in pro-sports and beyond into thriving business careers. Through his experience, he gained both the compassion for young people who are displaced from their dreams and the understanding of what it takes to achieve all they desire.

Damon founded ISWAGGER International with six main goals. First, to provide each high school athlete with the tools for classroom success and the proper approach to reach their athletic goals, thus widening the door of opportunity. Second, to motivate young people to search within their souls for hidden traits that will enable them to enjoy fabulous and prosperous lives. High school can provide the key to fulfilling all of a student's desires. Third, to show each serious student-athlete how to leverage both the mind and body so that the two operate in collaborative effort. Fourth, to provide practical methods to collegiate students on how to make successful transitions into the working world after college. And lastly, to motivate all people, inspire and provide helpful content in printed text. The vision is to provide readable and inspirational content that will inspire a new generation of young, motivated individuals who are equipped to overcome any obstacle and accomplish their dreams. To learn more about Damon type "iswagger" in the search engine. This will direct you to his organization website and author site.