Athlete Nutrition: Mind and Gut Cookbook for Athletes

Athlete Nutrition: Mind and Gut Cookbook for Athletes

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Athlete Nutrition

An excellent cookbook for athletes looking to eliminate the foods that can create havoc on your mind and gut. This athletes cookbook is specifically for those needing assistance navigating what you can and can't do. Please take advantage of our microbiome food list. Easy to cook nutrient-dense recipes for supporting high nutrient-dense based diet.  Tasty meals that I prepare for my family Including snacks, soups, stews, salads and dinner dishes.

What is the GAPS diet?

This is an excellent straightforward microbiome recipe cookbook, with nutrient-dense tasty gaps paleo diet meal plans delicious, that are easy to cook recipes for the experienced or beginning gaps microbiome paleo meal preparer. The "Mind and Gut, Beginners Cookbook to Support Mental focus, mental Toughness and Game Day Performance" was created to help you navigate achieve peak physical state, maintain mental clarity, focus and improve game-day performance. 

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