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Ab Roller Wheel

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Ab Roller Workout 

Six Pack Abs Ab Roller with Resistance Bands

Learn How to Lose Belly Fat

Slim and Flatten Your Waist

Best Abs Workout 


  • DUAL AB DUAL WHEEL / ROLLER DESIGN - Ab rollers are one of the best ways to sculpt your abs. Our dual wheel design offers increased stability!
  • RESISTANCE BANDS - Offer increased support and control. The ab roller can support up to 500 lbs., and is intended for everyone from beginner, advanced to pro-athlete, both men and women.
  • HOW TO LOSE BELLY FAT & GET SIX PACK ABS - Getting six pack abs is more than a few exercises. Get our "Lose Belly Fat and Tummy Slimming Guide" with your purchase!
  • DEVELOP ELITE CORE STRENGTH - Core strength is everything...All body movement is tied to the core. Whether you are an athlete, beginner or sitting at a desk maintaining core strength will give you the posture you desire!
  • BEST AT HOME EXERCISE EQUIPMENT - This is one of the best at home fitness machines available!

Core strength is the key to total body fitness. It is very hard to improve your overall fitness level without addressing your core. I've played professional football, raced motocross, played soccer, basketball and every sport requires tremendous core strength. This ab wheel with resistance band will allow you to safely progress as it allows you to get full range of motion without having the necessary core strength. So you get the benefit of safely working those muscles that require that level of strength. 

Comes with ab roller exercises instructions sent via pdf!