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Get Your Mind Right

If you're an athlete trying to figure out how to take your career to the next level, Mindset Coaching can help.

As an athlete, you of all people know the level of greatness you can attain by working under a great coach. Unfortunately, not all of us are fortunate enough to work under such great coaches, and too often we're left to our own devices, relying on family members, friends and others who mean well but haven't made it beyond the level you are at right now.

My name is Damon J. Smith and you can read more about me here. My approach to mindset coaching is to identify tweaks you can make in your routine that result in massive positive impact. I also help you identify any roadblocks standing in your way of success, and help strategize the way around them. Yes, it will take hard work on your part - and if you're not willing to put in the work, I'm not interested in working with you. But if you have the work ethic, I will help you find the most effective route to get from A to Z and accomplish your goal. 

online mindset coaching

I have helped career professionals, collegiate athletes heading to D1 colleges, professional athletes, additionally I have helped pro athletes negotiate contracts and sponsorships. My life experience, successes and failures have given me a unique skill set to help others. I can work with you no matter what level you're at; you only need to have the drive and follow through to work with me.

My only requirement is that you are serious about going to the next level and implementing the strategies, methodologies and life practices. 

10 Month Mindset Coaching Program

Weekly Online Trainings ... Topics include:

  • Learn how to build a business using Social Media
  • Learn how to code (computer science)
  • Learn the basics of Mobile App Development 
  • Key Components to Success
    • Time Management
    • Identifying Focus Areas
    • SWOT analysis
  • How to overcome fear
  • How to beat procrastination
  • Ignoring the noise
  • Money Management
  • Navigating difficult social environments
  • Dealing with social injustices
  • more...

7 Attributes That Transform Your Career & Life 

Maximizing Social Media To Grow Your Business

21 Must Have Technology Skills

    • How to get hired by the tech giants
    • How to develop your own mobile app
    • What are the skills needed to succeed in a tech driven world
    • Entrepreneurship - How to start and succeed at your business
    • Developing a powerful online presence
    • Understanding Social Media and Using it To Grow Your Business

7 Characteristics for Peak Performance

How to Stay Fit and Eat Healthy

        • Foods that boost your metabolism
        • How to lose and keep weight off the right way
        • Foods that heal your gut
        • Meals that boost your energy
        • Nutrient dense meals that improve mental clarity and overall health
        • Learn how to eat like a champion
        • more...

7 Actions That Change Your Life 

Deciding To Make a Career Change

How To Reach Your Athletic Potential 

        • Lesson #1: How To Master Your Craft (Pro Level Skill)
        • Lesson #2: How To Get A College Scholarship
        • Lesson #3: How To Become A Professional Athlete
        • Lesson #4: How To Manage Success
        • Lesson #5: How To Use Social Media
        • Lesson #6: How To Take Care of Your Body
        • Lesson #7: Choosing The Right Partner
        • Lesson #8: Managing Your Money
        • Lesson #9: Dealing With Difficult Coaches


This is 40 weeks of power packed knowledge, experience, methodologies and strategies that will transform your life.


Personal Development Coach

Mindset coaching takes the right combination of success, experiences, and overcoming failures, combined with the practical application of the right information. 


personal development

Each week includes a different lesson topic, and each week I will coach you through application of that lesson. I will personally walk with you via conference calls to answer your questions and show you how to get the most out of each lesson. 

This coaching level provides strategy materials and weekly conference calls. You pay monthly at $67 per month 

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