Learn how to get over a mental block. Mind blocks can stop you in your tracks. Learn how to overcome mental barriers and reach your specific desired result. 

We assist you in identifying your strengths and mindset blocks so you can accomplish your goals and experience life as you should.

This means fulfilling your specific purpose. When you are living a life with mental focus, mental clarity everything comes to life, your relationships, your career, and experiences. 



Clear Vision - Removing mental barriers directly improves mental clarity. With this program, we enhance mental clarity in our clients so they can create a clear vision of where they want to go and what they need to do to accomplish their specific desired result.


 Mental Strength -  When you remove the MENTAL BLOCKS you can not only deal with adversity but thrive in non-ideal situations.  The result is you can overcome the constant challenges and obstacles needed to stay on course, see your task to the end,  maximize performance, and improve your life in any specific area.


Focal Point - Removing mind blocks gives you a heightened level of mental focus. When you increase your ability to focus, you immediately magnify your chance to reach your goals, maximize performance in any endeavor and make the most of the precious moments in life. 


Better Decision Making

 When you learn how to get over your mental blocks. You will quickly realize how  your mindset has everything to do with what you experienced in life. This is not to say we may not experience horrible situations that are out of of control.

 But with that being said, when you remove the mental blocks you will quickly see how you have gotten in the way of your own success. Removing the mental blocks in your mind will directly improve your mental toughness, which is your ability to deal with non-ideal situation.

Eliminated your mental blocks will boost focus and heightened clarity. When this happens you improve your ability to make decisions. We call this mental discernment!

You are now able to deal with non-ideal situations, identity where you should focus your mental, physical and spiritual energy, and identity possible challenges and outcomes before they happen. This is what removing mental blocks can do for you!  

When you have mental toughness, mental focus, mental clarity, and mental discernment you have now removed all the internal and external influences that break focus, cloud your vision and zap your mental energy.  Removing the mental blocks allows you to separate themselves from the pack, and go to the next level. 

While others are stuck in the mud distracted by their own thoughts and external influences that hold the majority of the population down. This is not a slight, but a reality. The world is getting more toxic with more noise and information to distract, and contaminate the mind. This is why mindset fitness programs are critical to keep the mind sharp.

How would life be different if you overcame your mental blocks?

The better question is, how would you feel if you woke up this morning knowing that book you worked on for years was finally finished? You just signed your first pro contract? You have more clients than you imagined possible? The dream job was yours? I want you to take a minute to think about how it would feel to finally be on the other side of the situation you’re currently in.


I remember when I was working in corporate America. I had a great job according to everyone’s standards, but I knew there was something else in me that I had to give to the world. I knew that if I didn’t give myself the chance to explore it, time would pass me by and I might never know what I could have accomplished. But I also knew that being an entrepreneur was not going to be easy. I’ll be honest, I had some fears about stepping out into the unknown.

 Fast forward to five years later, and I’m so thankful that I had the courage to take that first step. If I hadn’t, I would have missed out on all the places I’ve been able to travel, the creativity I’ve been able to express, the moments I’ve shared with my family. And I wouldn’t be here to encourage and guide you past your own mental blocks to discover the great potential that you, too, can give to the world.

How You and I Can Work Together to Help You Overcome Your Mental Blocks

Our brains are literally very similar to computers, and while each of us was born with an existing set of mental parameters, our brains can be programmed and reprogrammed to operate in ways that either hinder or benefit us. The challenge is that we have each spent decades and years in environments that included both functional and dysfunctional programming, and it's not like we can push a button to erase all the bad information or insert a flash drive to boot up something good. This is where mindset coaching comes in. If you've found yourself standing still in life, uninspired, not advancing, maybe even stuck in frustration, then most likely you could use some reprogramming.  

Reprogramming your brain involves a two-step process. First, you must be able to identify the mental block preventing you from progressing. This is the key, because most of us have become so used to our mental blocks that we actually take some level comfort in them. Change, on the other hand, makes us uncomfortable, and it’s human nature that we all try to avoid discomfort at all costs. But through the program I’ve developed, I walk you step by step through the areas in which the majority of our mental blocks reside to help you discover and identify the root cause of your blockage. Then you can become aware of not only what’s stopping you, but also the situations that trigger these mental blocks in the first place. It’s like giving you new glasses so you can see further ahead and avoid potential threats before they enter your personal space. 

With introspective focus and minimal daily effort, most people can identify their mental blocks in the first 21 days of my program.

The second step, of course, is actually removing the block from your mind. This takes time and practice, and it’s where most people can become frustrated. While you might start out of the gate flying high and ready to conquer every block you find, at some point you’re bound to face a rough spot that causes you to fall back into old patterns. This is why every one of my programs comes with a year’s worth of weekly coaching calls. I help you navigate past those challenges, and encourage you to continue pushing past your comfort zone and into positive transformation.

Studies have shown that it takes 21 days of consistent daily effort to break a bad habit and create a new positive habit.

My 21-Day Mindset Intensive includes 21 daily lessons ($900 Value)
    Videos and Breakthrough Techniques ($300 Value)

     BONUS INCLUDED - Meditation Mindfulness portal with a database of videos ($497 Value) TOPICS INCLUDE: overcoming fear, doubt, and procrastination while retraining your brain to expect success ($497 Value)

    ANOTHER BONUS OFFER - Access to LIVE weekly mindset mastery calls for a year. ($1997 Value)

    SPECIAL OFFER - 1 on 1 strategy call with a mindset coach who will assist you in identifying your gifts and reaching your specific desired result. YES, you get to talk to an expert in the field. ($1000 Value)

      Valued at over $5000  



      How our program is different

      First of all, while there are plenty of mindset coaches out there who are experts in the theory of overcoming mental blocks and achieving goals, very few can say they’ve actually applied these principles in as many different endeavors as I have. In short, I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk.


      Secondly, my program does not involve any pills, therapists, or new age practices. I teach the tried and true principles of self-reflection and renewing the mind through daily mindfulness and meditation. I teach you how to face your past experiences and identify which ones are holding you back.

      Then I teach you some practical, yet very powerful, techniques that you can use in as little as 5 minutes a day to replace those negative thoughts with positive expectations. No hypnosis, strange spiritual practices, and no transcendental meditation. The meditation technique I teach is called “mindfulness meditation,” which teaches you how to become more aware of your environment while focusing your mind on a specific thought, scripture or positive outcome.

      This practice is so powerful because the more you do it, the more your brain actually creates new neural connections that prompt you to move in the direction you want to go. You begin to actually expect success, and as you continue to grow in this area, successful results soon manifest.




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