Mens Retreat


Spring of 2018 

Napa, CA Men's 2 Day Retreat (at 5 Star Resort & Spa)

In the Spring of 2018 we will have our first men's retreat in Napa, CA. The mission is to give men a chance to rest, recover and renew. Given the complex environment we live in, it is critical that we take time to address the challenges we face, be it mental, physical, spiritual and emotional, so that we may better serve the families, communities and endeavors to which we our committed. 

This is an all accommodations covered mens retreat at a 5-star spa in Napa Valley Wine Country, CA (travel not included).

Focus areas retreat:

  • Maintaining Peak Fitness
  • Strategies to maintain a "winning mindset" in all areas
  • Nutrition secrets that promote a strong body and mind
  • How to start a successful six figure internet business with any product
  • Keys to building, developing and maintaining a strong internal core within yourself that can withstand the trials and obstacles all men face
  • Improving your athletic performance
  • Maximizing the corporate experience

Fill out the survey below, as It is critically important to create the right environment for rest, recovery and restoration, so each applicant will be screened. 

There are 7 spots available - first come first serve!


Damon J. Smith