Talent Evaluation


Souletics® Talent Evaluation uses proven measurable data combined with intangible character traits that produce success. Our database has over 60 years of data on athletes in different disciplines. We know what it takes to reach the highest levels of athletic success, be it high school, collegiate, professional, or hall of fame status. We are elite athletes that have done it and have the data to back it up.

Soueltics AI™  helps us to better understand how we can help the athlete. Our focus is to provide tangible data that can be used to increase the probability of success.  As talent evaluators this allows us to maximize the gifts of the athletes and additionally support amateur and professional organizations in achieving success as they choose players from our pool or evaluate their own players against our data. 

Our 7 must do's as talent evaluators is:

  1. We find talent
  2. We properly evaluate talent
  3. We support that talent
  4. We develop the talent
  5. We help the athlete maximize his or her talent.
  6. We point organizations to talented, high quality, well rounded athletes
  7. We celebrate your success and we watch your career take off

We are proven, highly credentialed athletes combined with computer technical skills and life wisdom. Our evaluation process is impeccable and done with the highest level of respect for all involved and the sporting industry we enjoy. 

 We are gurus at what we do! 

If you would like to get started or gather more information please contact us.