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Seize The Opportunity, Emergence of AI and Aquire Key data science Skills - Course

Seize The Opportunity, Emergence of AI and Aquire Key data science Skills - Course

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Who Is This Program For?

  • College leaders, teachers and professors including C-suite executives overseeing the integration of AI into their organization's business strategy
  • Entrepreneurs and startup execs involved with managing teams and AI-driven projects
  • Students interested in exploring AI opportunities across business functions
  • Mid-career professionals looking to bolster their career opportunities through new technologies
  • Data scientists and analysts involved in research for business intelligence or data analytics where AI may be useful
  • Young students eager to upgrade there skillset, move into technology industry, and increase there earning potential.  
  • Motivated individuals looking to advance in their career with the recent advancement in applications of AI in business

Disciplines Program Topics


This program helps introduce basic applications of AI to those in business. While participants learn about AI’s current capabilities and potential, they also gain more depth with attention to the reach of automation, machine learning, and robotics.

 Introduction – AI and Business

Gain a high-level overview of technologies including, capabilities and limitations while understanding AI, its methods and business applications.

 The Future of AI in Business

Identify what new problems AI can help solve, how it will continue to transform businesses and how you can prepare for the future of AI.

 Machine Learning Basics

Learn about supervised and unsupervised learning and the importance of data, obtaining and managing it for machine learning.

 Key Applications: Computer Vision & Natural Language Processing

Master how machines see and talk, computer vision, and natural language processing as well as more on recent developments like GANs and RNNs.

 Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Understand the transition from traditional machine learning to neural networks deep learning and its common applications.

 AI Strategy

Recognize the implications of AI on business strategy and how to develop and execute an AI strategy to create a competitive advantage.


Grasp what traditional robotic automation can and cannot do, the new wave of AI-driven automation such as robots with eyes and robots that can adapt.


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