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Course: Learn How To Overcome Emotions of Fear

Course: Learn How To Overcome Emotions of Fear

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Step 1: Learn To Face Your Fears

1. How to take the leap

2. Breathing techniques 

3. How to overcome negative thoughts and worst outcomes 

4. Clues to embrace your fear and reach your specific goal

5. How to visualize and increase the odds of success

Step 2: Overcome Fear of Injury

1. Dealing with thoughts of trauma and injury

2. Overcoming negative mental thoughts from past injuries

3. Breaking down your obstacle; how to guarantee success and prevent injuries

4. How to prepare mentally and physically for tough challenges

Step 3: Dominate all Your Fears

1. Become a master at overcoming fears and  thriving in uneasy and distressing times
2. Learn how to harness your fears and use them to gain an advantage over your situation 

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