DIVERSITY & Inclusion: Learning From Sports

DIVERSITY & Inclusion: Learning From Sports

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DIVERSITY & Inclusion: What Corporate America Can Learn From Sports

Diversity and Inclusion are at the center of the tech industries' innovation problems. DIVERSITY & Inclusion: Solving The Diversity Problem In Silicon Valley" provides necessary insight into the culture and complex issues facing the most influential companies in the world. Damon J. Smith is a former two-sport professional athlete and 20 year Silicon Valley engineer and current Chief Technology Officer. He draws from his athletic background to provide solutions and strategies needed to find talent here in America and inspire innovation. 

In today’s challenging, complex, diverse, global, interconnected business world, diversity, and inclusion is no longer a popular tagline or right thing to do. It is at the core of a company's hiring initiative. Diverse leadership competency is central to the success of a business, specifically in Silicon Valley, where innovation is a must-have. 

Companies must have widely talented people that are effective at working on cross-functional teams that encompass people with differences in gender, culture, age, race, experiences, and identities. These benefits companies by having a culture that is more productive, innovative, and revenue building. CEO must take the approach of a servant leader...One who is not a respecter of persons, one who invests in employees and leads by example. 

Diversity and Inclusion: Solving the Diversity Problem in Silicon Valley and What Corporate America Can Learn From Sports provides a framework to tap into a unique talent pool that has shaped America and proven to transform industries such as the sporting world. 
This is one of the best diversity and inclusion books you can read from someone that has expert knowledge in the industry and in sport. 

Corporate Diversity leaders now have the intent to be inclusive, however, translating that decision into actionable positive outcomes that benefit the company and employees is still a gray area. 

The author explains the benefits of inclusion and diversity and provides straightforward diversity and inclusion training advice on how to achieve the kind of meritocracy that will result in revenue and move companies ahead of their competition. The author shows how diversity and inclusion in sport organizations are central to finding the best talent and growing business. 

Diversity is not just about hiring talent; it is about providing the right atmosphere to develop talent, inspire innovation, and grow revenue. This book provides the secret to finding talent, developing greatness, and keeping that greatness around to offer substantial returns to both the employee and the corporation. 

As technology becomes more and more accessible, underserved populations will continue to innovate and create. Corporations would be wise to tap into that diverse and innovative spirit sooner, rather than later.