Souletics® Customized Mindfulness & Meditation Program

Souletics® Customized Mindfulness & Meditation Program

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We Provided A Customized Mindfulness Meditation Program Tailored Specifically For Your Challenges, Lifestyle, and Desired Results.

Why Should You Have a Customized Mindfulness Program?

Meditation is deeply centered on connecting with your thoughts, emotions, experiences, and vision for your life, so personalization is a must.

Customized Mindset & Meditation Program

This Program Starts with a 30-minute one-on-one Strategy Session, followed by a Customized Mindset & Meditation Program ($887 Value)

Daily Meditations to Overcome Procrastination, Beat Stress & Anxiety, Build Confidence and Use Visualization for Peak Performance ($447 Value)

Immediate Access to our 21-Day Performance Program ($697 Value)

One Year of Access to Weekly Live Interactive Trainings ($997 Value)

Daily Videos & Learning Content ($369 Value)

Timed Delivery of Daily Lessons 

Focus Areas include Mindset, Physical Fitness, Developing a Strong Value System

Increase Personal, Relational & Environmental Awareness

Make Better Decisions

Identify Your Hidden Roadblocks and Challenges

Build Confidence

Reduce Anxiety and Stress



Customized audio, video and multi-media training that will help you establish a daily meditation routine and build a lifestyle that produces good fruit (RESULTS)!

  • Guided Meditation on subjects such as stress, anxiety, sleep, building confidence, managing anger, and teaching mindfulness to kids
  • Identify personal obstacles, people, relationships, and other aspects of your life that may be contributing to a stressful lifestyle
  • Learn to create boundaries with people who interfere with your personal peace
  • Identify thought patterns that make you feel anxious
  • Learn to overcome negative thoughts
  • Learn to build a healthy lifestyle centered around positive activities and periods of mental downtime


Upon purchase, you will receive an email with login credentials to the Souletics Academy portal, and also setting up you one on one meeting.