Souletics® 6-Week Athlete's Mindset Mastery Course

Souletics® 6-Week Athlete's Mindset Mastery Course

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  • Separate Yourself from the Pack
  • Improve Career, Personal, Athletic Overall Performance
  • Increase Mental Toughness, Improve Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Learn The Strategies to Take Your Game to the Next Level
  • Minimize Unnecessary Financial Investments and Distractions
  • Become more discerning and make better decisions

Access The Elite Athlete's Mindset Coaching and Meditation Portal.

With this 6-week program YOU WILL GET:

    • 6 x (1 on 1 Strategy session with our professional coaches)
    • A customized mindset video with guided meditation specifically to meet your challenges and desired results.  
    • Access to LIVE Weekly Trainings where you can ask questions about your specific challenges ($997 Value)
    • Lifestyle and nutrition program to maximize your physical power ($197 Value)
    • Guided Mindfulness Meditation on subjects such as stress, anxiety, sleep, building confidence, managing anger and mindfulness kids ($197 Value)
    • Learn To Manage Anger and Thrive in Non-Ideal Situations with our separate Souletics® Anger Redirection Program (Powerful program for all people dealing with any level of frustration and anger) ($997 Value)
    • Break bad habits, learn the strategies, tips and secrets to build confidence and overcome obstacles in 21 Days  ($3397 Value)
  • Mindset Mastery Course -  Create a lifestyle that produces success in any chosen endeavor

    Master the Souletics® 4 PILLARS of MENTAL DOMINION™ ($997 Value) + Plus you receive the physical copy of the 4 Pillars of Mental Dominion Book

    1. Mental Fortitude
    2. Mental Clarity
    3. Mental Action
    4. Mental Discernment

    Souletics® mindset coaching principles and mindfulness meditation practices are fundamental beliefs, rules, and values that represent what is desirable and positive for the athletes we serve. It is the foundation Souletics® was built on.  

    These mindset rules and values together form a philosophy. We think differently about sports. We see athletes as more than commodities, and we believe they are the best examples of what a person can do when set to a specific purpose. Athletes truly are an inspiration! Our MISSION is to help athletes maximize talent and achieve their desired results and ultimately GET PAID substantially for that talent. 

    We believe in incorporating experience, old school wisdom, quantitative data, scientific study, and social engineering, with a twist of unique input from the founder, Damon J. Smith.  We have a bias towards athletes! As God once said, I favor my people. So we favor athletes but love helping everyone. 

    Mindset Coaching and Meditation for Athletes from Souletics® The Mindset Coach on Vimeo.


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