As a seasoned 3-sport professional athlete and technologist, I blend an expert background in semiconductor engineering with expertise in cutting-edge technologies. With a track record from Super7 to startup leadership, I offer a unique perspective on navigating the dynamic tech landscape.

Join my courses to demystify data science, AI, and Python in a simplified, business-friendly manner. Learn the skills crucial for tech employment while gaining insights into life skills vital for career success. Let's bridge the gap between theory and real-world application, empowering you to thrive in the tech industry."



Souletics® is a company owned by traditionally underrepresented and overlooked individuals. Founded by a former professional football player, action sports athlete and computer engineering professional, Souletics® was created in 2004 from inspirational stories that seek to pave new ground. We operate in arenas where support is hard to come by for those outside the mainstream.


We see a huge void in representation, financial support and overall guidance for talented, soulful, underrepresented, overlooked and underfunded athletes. Often our talent is siphoned, our personal growth disregarded and life success not considered.

Souletics® mission is to prepare athletes for peak performance in all areas of life. This requires us to serve the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and economic areas of our community. From what I have experienced and personally witnessed, we are the IT factor.


This is a premium lifestyle brand that promotes career and mental development while offering athleisure and sports apparel designed by us and for us. This is a mission based brand with the goal to re-invest back into our communities and individuals to improve our life experiences through physical fitness, intellectual growth and economic support.


I have witnessed and experienced well known brands refusing to support our most disciplined and talented athletes while cherry-picking athletes in a way that does not help us build our communities. These athletes are then used to trojan horse whatever popular narrative exists. 

Moreover, once underrepresented, overlooked cherry picked athletes become part of traditional big brands they are encouraged to separate themselves from others with similar life experience, disassociate from real issues, and become estranged from high quality people from within their community. 

This happens because the traditional big brands either require athletes to do so or it is a silent agreement that the athletes understand. 


Do we require or expect our athletes to be political activists or social influencers? No, absolutely not! But we do understand some issues will be extremely important to who they are and we understand the historical significance and challenges people continue to overcome. We require our athletes to be students of their craft and focused on continuous growth in their specific sport. 

Ultimately, we look forward in faith toward executing a well thought out strategy!


Our ownership is committed to creating our own table, our own sponsorship athlete network, our own support/guidance network and organization that rivals some of your largest brands in history. 

The energy spent begging, and tap dancing for support will stop. This effort should be well placed on training, studying and improving in your specific craft. 

All efforts should be focused on achieving excellence and maintaining that standard!


As we have done since 2004, we will continue to provide knowledge about peak performance, mental fortitude and healthy living.

We will continue to provide technology and career guidance resources.

We will sponsor and support athletes by way of our apparel and economic gifts.

We see a vast network of talent worldwide, by way of youth, collegiate and professional organizations. This is our tribe, our community and peculiar people we are seeking.

As we grow, our community grows. Souletics® will utilize the proceeds from the sales of our products to sponsor and invest into programs that directly impact talented, soulful, underrepresented, overlooked and underfunded male and female athletes.