Athlete's Bible

The Athlete's Bible for Survival in the New Economy​

Whether you are a parent seeking to help your child excel in athletics, a young athlete attempting to establish a career in the sporting world, or a mature athlete who wants to extend your years performing at top notch, this book is your bible.

Solid Information for a Changing World​

The world in general, and the sporting world specifically, has drastically changed in the past five years. It will continue to change rapidly due to social and technological advancements. The information we provide in this book will equip you to navigate this dynamic environment and learn how to leverage these changes to your advantage, no matter the circumstances.

Achieve Your Athletic and Life Goals

The Complete Athlete Guide will inform you about the sports industry, from youth sports to recruiting processes and combine preparation, to international opportunities for athletes. It will equip you with mindset strategies, mental preparation, rehab and recovery techniques, and health and nutrition to provide longevity in your career of choice. We have been in the industry of mindset and peak performance development for over 17 years, and we have worked with a wide range of athletes. Our experience and exposure in a variety of sports enables us to equip you for success in whatever sport your choose. But moreover, we will empower you to make better decisions that transcend athletics and help you prosper in all areas of life.

What Makes the Souletics® Complete Athlete Guide Unique​

This is not a sports motivation book. This is an in-depth athletic guide that covers the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of athletic success and life achievement. With 600 pages of content, ours is a complete athletic guide that will take you from A to Z in the sporting world. We help you in developing a next-level strategy for success, mental fortitude, awareness, and decision making. And along the way, yes, you will be motivated to succeed. Not only in athletics, but in life. Period.

Learn what you need to do to take your game to the next level

This is a guide that takes you from youth sports to elite level professional athletics. If you desire to improve as a youth competitor or dig deeper into the nuances of athletic success this is a invaluable resource.

We answer questions such as:

  • 7 Actions To Take When Your Child Sits The Bench
  • 25 things to say to an athlete struggling with lack of confidence?
  • What Does the Bible Say About Sports?
  • What is the G league Salary?
  • Different sports girs can play that you never thought about?
  • Do football scouts watch Sunday league What age should my child start sports?
  • How can I help my child athlete?
  • How do I motivate a lazy child in sports?
  • Should I push my child to play sports?
  • Should I choose private or academy training for development?
  • How can I rebuild my life after an injury? What should an athlete eat on game day?
  • What to say to an athlete struggling with confidence?
  • How can I become a great athlete?
  • What International sports opportunities are available?
  • What type of training program should I use for the combine?
  • What drills are done at the NBA combine?
  • What drills are done at the MLS Soccer combine?
  • What drills are done at the NFL combine?
  • How to get invited to the NFL combine?
  • How do you train for a combine?
  • At what age do you lose your athleticism?
  • How to maintain elite level athleticism well into your forties and fifties?
  • 100 more articles on sports and peak performance.

Who is this book for? Parents of young athletes Youth sports coaches Student athletes Serious athletes Mature athletes

How will it help me?

The world is in a big transition that will ultimately change how business is done, and the foundation of athlete sports recruiting. This guide will help athletes maximize their talents, increase the opportunity for athletic success, and make better decisions concerning their athletic careers. Decision making as it pertains to athletics is the most important factor in determining athletic success and, more importantly, life success. With this guide, we help athletes build a proper success strategy, from youth sports to college, the pro level, and beyond.

Athletic Career Path​ This guide is for those focused on playing at the elite professional level or excelling at the top of the amateur level. It will also provide valuable insight for parents of athletes who may also want to maintain their own athleticism in their latter years.