In 2004 We entered the mindset and peak performance science. We service professional athletes, artists, leaders, and everyday people of your community.

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Our method is simple! Do it, live it, and enjoy the ride. Do work, invest in yourself and reach your desired result. Our secret? Acknowledging and nurturing the gifts within all of us, then let the water flow, finding the rhythm and the zone.

We all have gifts! Every one of us. What is natural is what is best for you. While we provide shortcuts and quick hacks, a little willingness to put forth effort can yield tremendous rewards. We are into helping you!

We are not selling the next big favorite gimmick or a magic bullet. We believe that you can be your hero. You can change the world if you so choose, one person at a time.

God has provided us an opportunity. We are people with faults, failures, regrets, and setbacks. But we are designed to take control of our obstacles and challenges.

If we can learn how to get up after falling and failing, we realized all people are created by a divine and Holy God to take dominion life, challenges, obstacles, and mental influences.


Through our private Souletics® community, we share what has worked and what can assist you in reaching your destination in the most efficient way possible. I do. Why is this reserved for the private Souletics® community; because I like you must always be intentional with where I put my energy.

We invite you to take a peek into our programs, our mindset development, and peak performance training. You will enjoy meditation programs, health and wellness tips, mindset coaching from highly qualified professionals that care, and lots of honest conversations that heal, bring understanding and breakthrough.

If you are an athlete, I am the coach for you.


But we get it. It can be overwhelming. Information overload, we are right there with you — running a business, the corporate grind, meeting the goals, wife and the kids, the bills, stress, anxiety, too much to do and not enough day.

And don’t forget the non-stop political, economic and social noise that can disrupt the most disciplined person. We created a 1-3 minute meditation practice because, what most of us need to bring balance, order and results in our lives.

But first, you have to do something. Commit to believing that you already have the ingredients inside you. The elements for what, you might ask? The keys to taking dominion over your challenges, obstacles, goals, and mind. And all it is going to take to uncover those ingredients are a few tools and strategies that can help you.

That may sound strange — especially when the whole world is telling you that the struggle is real, you are not enough, it is too hard, politics, feminism, misogyny, misandry, hate, racism, indifference, democrats, global warming, poverty, Republicans and green people will destroy you and the world with it. It is noise, a little truth in the sound but noise.


My bio is not as important as how we can help you. While we are highly qualified and competent, it is more important that we assist you in reaching your desired destination.