Souletics® Men's Athlete Development Sponsorship Initiative

Souletics Mens Sponsorship

Jumpstart Your Athletics Career

2024 Application Process Jan. 1 - April. 15

Souletics® Sponsorship initiative targets sports popular among young males like basketball, football, baseball, soccer, BMX, track and field, and action sports. 

Our benefits:

    • Revenue sharing and direct payments for qualified athletes
    • Leadership development & Performance Program"Offer workshops, mentorship programs, or opportunities to lead Souletics® initiatives, fostering leadership skills valuable on and off the field.
    • Mental toughness training: Partner with experts or offer resources to build mental resilience and overcome challenges, important for high-pressure situations.
    • Career exploration: Provide career guidance, internships, or networking opportunities to help young athletes explore their future beyond sports.
    • Community service projects: Integrate community service into the program, allowing athletes to give back and develop social responsibility.
    • Competition and achieving goals: Showcase athletes striving for excellence and overcoming obstacles.
    • Teamwork and camaraderie: Highlight the importance of collaboration and building strong bonds with teammates in team sports.
    • Pushing boundaries and innovation: Feature athletes trying new techniques and exceeding expectations.

Levels of Sponsorship: Professional, Elite, Expert