Cycling Skills Clinics (Mountain Bike, BMX)



Learn from World and Nationally Rank Cycling Coach.

Whether you are preparing for Elite Competition or just bought your bike las week this class is for your. Each class is tailored for your level and quality of bike. 

Face-to-Face for Northern California Residents and Online Guidance for Out of State and International Residents

Mountain Bike skills, race, & trail clinic. Improve riding level quickly with proven techniques. Learn from world and nationally ranked cycling coach. Tailored for beginners and  elite competitors. Book your appointment today!   Face-to-Face for Northern California residents and online training guidance is available.

Ready to move to ignite your MTB skills and take your riding to the next level.

Take a deep-dive into your foundational riding skills and improve your confidence and control on the trail?

This Fundamentals clinic is perfect for new riders and elite experienced riders. This clinic combines Fundamentals Skills training that can be implemented during class and Fundamentals Obstacle Trail Application clinic into one day of skills development and mountain biking fun.

Spend the first half of the day dialing in your body position, learning the keys to proper braking, mastering wheel lifts, jumps, tackling climb, descent techniques, and reading the terrain.

With the guidance, mental coaching and real-time feedback from your Souletics® instructor, hone your skills in a safe, positive, encouraging  environment through a series of skills drills, practical riding and obstacle progressions.

In second half of class we will implement an in-depth riding format created to expedite MTB skills in a safe and encouraging environment. 

Contact us if you are interested in joining a group or developing your skills with one on one training.