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LEGACY Matters: Sports Video Revival

LEGACY Matters: Sports Video Revival

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Sports Legacy Memoirs - Video Revival from Old Formats to Digital

(VHS, Betamax, Super VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi8 Video, Digital 8, MiniDV, Micro MV to DIGITAL)

Sports video services: History is important let us help you revive your memories and tell your story! 

Use technology we assist you in reviving your history.  Legacy matters and each organization has a story worth narrating enduring stories, particularly in sports. As part of my memoir Services, we take old formats like VHS to craft a captivating video memoir or multimedia individuals and organizations. 

Entrust your precious memories to the Legacy Archive through a secure and complimentary digital storage account. This ensures the preservation of your cherished moments.

Transfer vhs to digital or other old video formats. 

Legacy Matters, emphasizes that everyone possesses a story worth sharing and preserving for posterity.

  • 1.5 Hour long FINISHED video from Max 5 hours of footage*
  • Digital format
  • Labeled
  • Beautiful transitions 
  • Delivered on USB Flash Drive and Cloud Server

*Each additional 1 hour of footage is charged at $500 per hour

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