Learn How To Draw CMOS Ingrated Circuits - Course

Learn How To Draw CMOS Ingrated Circuits - Course

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Digital Layout Course 

  • How to develop critical digital/analog layout skills at home
  • Understanding most used schematic symbols
  • Using the four stages of IC design 
  • Mastering key physical design skills
  • Walk you through laying out the most common circuits.

How to use create your own EDA Tool.

  • Create your own EDA Tool quickly using common software on any PC or MAC. Master the fundamentals of design automation (EDA) tools, without spending a dime on expensive EDA licenses. 

    Learn how to create your own EDA tool for preliminary design, interviews and startup launch development

How To Work in Tech without College Degree

  • Common interview questions
  • How to navigate tough interview questions
  • How to work in tech without coding
  • How to work in tech with no experience
  • How to work in tech without a computer science degree

This is a Immersion Course 21 Day course:

You receive immediately after purchase:

  • With schematic to layout tutorials
  • 32 Chapters of Covering fabrication, design and verification of CMOS circuits
  • Mask Design Sticks Tutorial
  • Wafer Process
  • Tape out Process
  • How to get hired and build wealth ($150k – $500k/yr )
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