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High-Tech Talent Solutions Unlock the power of AI with Souletics® technology solutions. Predictive intelligence applications crafted and tailored for sports organizations:

SPORTS TECHNOLOGY:  Get Data. Get Results. Our AI-driven Talent Evaluation leverages 60+ years of athletic data. Combining proven metrics with intangible traits, we identify, evaluate, support, and develop talent across various sports disciplines. 

Maximize Your Potential Souletics® Results Coaching merges elite athlete experience with technical expertise. Our coaches, armed with Souletics AI™, tailor programs for individual and team success, both on and off the field. Our 7 Must-Do's:

      • Find Talent
      • Evaluate Talent
      • Support Talent
      • Develop Talent
      • Maximize Talent
      • Connect Organizations with Quality Athletes
      • Celebrate Your Success
Identify Excellence Our unique approach integrates measurable data, character traits, and AI insights. As gurus in talent evaluation, we guide coaches and organizations toward success. Ready to evaluate your team or players?

Sports Legacy Memoirs - Video Revival from Old Formats to Digital 

(VHS, Betamax, Super VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi8 Video, Digital 8, MiniDV, Micro MV to DIGITAL)

History is important let us help you revive and tell your story! 

Assisting organizations in narrating enduring stories, particularly in the realm of sports. As part of my memoir Services, we take old formats like VHS to craft a captivating video memoir or a multimedia individuals and organizations. 

Entrust your precious memories to the Legacy Archive through a secure and complimentary digital storage account. This ensures the preservation of your cherished moments.

Legacy Matters, emphasizing that every individual possesses a story worth sharing and preserving for posterity.

Click here to revive old video and tell your story!

Done For You Sports Tech Solutions Tailored for You

Software Development Services, AI, ML, VR, AR
Customized AI and Machine Learning Solutions: Develop AI and machine learning solutions that leverage predictive analytics, natural language processing, or computer vision. Businesses are increasingly seeking intelligent systems to enhance decision-making and automate processes.  
  • Python-Based Data Science and Analytics Tools: Build data science and analytics tools using Python. With Python's popularity in the data science community, there's a demand for tools that simplify data analysis, visualization, and machine learning model development.  
  • AI-Driven Automation for DevOps: Develop AI-driven automation tools for DevOps processes. Enhance continuous integration, delivery, and deployment pipelines with intelligent automation, helping businesses optimize their software development lifecycle.
iOS App Development for Compute Vision, Augmented Reality (AR) & (VR): Explore iOS app development with a focus on AR and VR experiences. As iOS devices continue to support advanced AR capabilities, there is a growing demand for applications in industries such as gaming, education, healthcare, and retail.
Cloud Infrastructure SAAS for Scalability and Efficiency: Create a SAAS platform that offers cloud infrastructure solutions, focusing on scalability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. As businesses migrate to the cloud, there's a need for platforms that streamline infrastructure management and optimize resource utilization.


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