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Software Development (Consultation 40 Min)

Software Development (Consultation 40 Min)

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Socially Responsible AI Technology


For Athletes and Entrepreneurs


SOULETICS® Ethical driven technology solutions offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to tap into cutting edge technology to achieve their goals. Whether it’s Artificial Intelligence powered data analytics for athletes, or basic e-commerce development for a business venture, Souletics® makes next level technology accessible to you. We have over 25 years of Silicon Valley industry experience and a team of talented programmers and developers ready to make your vision a reality.




  • Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Recommender Systems, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing)
  • A.I. Enhanced Mental Training, Mindset Coaching, and Athletic Evaluation
  • On Premise Solutions: (Cloud: AWS, Azure, Google or On-Site) 
  • Personal Development, Performance Coaching, Information Technology Support and Administration
  • Web and App Development: Online Learning Development, Mobile App Design, Mobile App Development, Database Driven Web Development and e-Commerce Solutions

Soft Must Have Skills

  • Mindset Development: Consulting, Training, Mentorship, Team Building, Leadership and Communication Skills


We focus on people development and software in the area of Artificial Intelligence, where we develop training products related to mindset, maximizing athletic performance, and behavioral analytics. Additionally, we use a combination of real-world athletic experience, 40 years of athletic data and machine learning and to evaluate athletic talent. We use our proprietary A.I. technology to prevent, detect and combat potential threats that tend to prevent success in life and shorten athletic careers.

Organizations, entrepreneurs or elite athletes seeking a tech solution, if you would like to discuss how to scale your business or bring your vision to life, please send us a message below.

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