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Home Workout Video

Home Workout Video

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Souletic Movement Exercise At Workout Video | Home Workout DVD | Get Fit, Build Muscle | Full Body Workout at Home Video


TOTAL BODY WORKOUT - Strengthen, sculpt and trim your entire body with Souletic Movement
MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME - This workout can be shortened to 30 minutes or 1 hour each day.
PERFECT HOME WORKOUT - No need for complicated gimmicks, all you need is you!
BONUS SECTIONS - Improving yourself, trimming down and getting fit starts from within, this volume features a segment on the mental preparation required for high level achievement – whether that’s on the field, track, in the office, or at home. Great training on overcoming fear!
FAT BURNING - It is an incredible fat burning workout that includes cardio, plyo, explosive strengthening, flexibility and abdominal sculpting exercises that will keep you coming back for more, day after day.

    Most people and athletes think of calisthenics as old school exercises done while wearing military gear or ugly looking school gym uniforms. Of course lot of us can’t get excited about old-school movements that are associated with calisthenics.

    But those calisthenics used by older generations like Jack Lalanne or drill sergeants and gym teachers have been picked, stolen, gentrified and rebranded as the golden ticket body-weight exercises.  The latest CrossFit, fitness boot camps, and mud obstacle race course training is calisthenics with new slick marketing, a pretty face and better packaging.

    Calisthenics comes from the Greek words kallos meaning “beauty” and sthenos “strength”.

    A workout that produces beauty and strength.  Training for strength and flexibility by way of pulling, pushing, lifting, and lunging movements is some of the best training you can do. Souletic Movement is foundational calisthenics done in a continuous, rigorous way to build up your strength, flexibility and aerobic capacity. 

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